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Google I/O 2024

Modicum partnered with Google to announce the company’s latest news and innovations at their annual tentpole I/O event. 


In my role working closely with the marketing team, I designed a wide range of dynamic presentation visuals showcasing how generative AI is making popular Google products even more useful for developers and consumers alike. This role included directing and integrating the design work of motion graphic animators on my team.

Company: Modicum

DEV_Multi Platform_Brickit Flutter_v17_11.gif
Dev_Multi Platform_Intro_03-2.png
DEV_Multi Platform_Brickit Flutter_v17_4.gif
DEV_Multi Platform_Brickit Flutter_v17_6.gif
Frame 565.png
DEV_Multi Platform_Brickit Flutter_v17_7_shortemed.gif
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